Preparation tips to follow during Lockdown to boost your Success

24 May 2020 0 Video Lecture Courses

India, along with the whole world is fighting against a massive pandemic of human history- COVID-19. The lockdown we are facing today is one of many tools to counter the outbreak of the disease and its extension was inevitable. Everybody wants to know when will this all end and their life would get back on its normal course.  Unfortunately, this whole situation seems to continue for quite some time in the future. Just like everyone else, students who are preparing for various Entrance exams are worried and anxious about their studies and their career plans. We heard the news about several exams getting canceled or postponed. For many days, things had been unclear for everyone. Nobody knew when and how will these exams be conducted. However, now the government has addressed the concerns of millions of aspiring students and announced the dates for the exams.

The lockdown has temporarily shut down schools and coaching institutes and so, a lot of students feel stressed out and distracted from their studies. Many of you might feel that your preparations are getting hampered because of this lockdown. So today we are going to discuss how you can use this period wisely and turn it into a blessing in disguise.


Balance your household chores and your studies with the right planning

What is the most easily available thing in these lockdown days? Guess what, almost all of us have it in abundance, especially students. Yes, it is the time available to us. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are not going anywhere and nobody’s visiting our place; schools and coachings are closed; which means lesser chances of unexpected time killing events. This leaves us with plenty of time. If we somehow manage this time wisely, we can give a huge boost to our preparation. 

The trick here is to plan your coming day the night before. Since our routine is pretty much fixed nowadays, we can easily fix when and how long we are going to do something. With all your daily tasks planned out, you can easily figure out the available time for your studies. Make sure you don’t indulge in any distractions during this period of time like social media platforms, watching television, chatting with friends. You should spare some time for that as well. Make sure you don’t mix the two.


Make a Study Plan according to your syllabus

Make a list of tests/exams you have. Make another list of the syllabus for each exam and mark your strong and weak areas. Knowing what topics you understand and what you don’t brings clarity and instantly unburdens you. This helps you focus on your weak areas. As you prepare your topics, keep updating your list. In a few days, you will start seeing a tremendous change in your preparation.


Find the right space

Most of us have an area in our home that feels our very own; where we find ourselves calmer, more at ease. If you have one such space in your home, it is the best place for your studies. It can be your bedroom, a balcony, a corner in your garden, your study table; anywhere. Even if you don’t, try to find a place that has the least disturbance from the world around. Such spaces help you focus very easily. Whenever you find some free time, be there; even if you are not studying. Keep it clean and organized. By and by you will start enjoying that place and when you finally sit down to study, the friendly atmosphere of that space will help wonderfully.


Find the right time

Everyone has a different set of active hours during the day. Some are more active during the day time, while others become extremely productive during the night. Observe yourself and find the time that feels right for you.

Your study routine should utilize your best hours for preparation. Remember that the number of hours you spend in front of books doesn’t matter. It is the quality that counts.


Use Online platforms

Now that all your classes are off, you can take the help of various online platforms available today. Some of them provide a very cost-effective means of exam preparation which includes Video lectures, Live classes, Doubt Solving, and Study material.

These platforms also provide you with Test Series, Sample Papers and previous years’ papers to help you test your preparation. Take these tests regularly.

One such reliable platform is Ariser Talent, where you get to study from top-notch faculties right in the safety of your home.


Pay equal attention to your physical and mental well-being

Most of the students ignore their physical and mental health during their preparation phase. Make sure you take regular breaks during your study session. A 10-min break is highly recommended after a 30-40 min session. During these breaks, you can have light exercises for your neck, shoulder, and back. It is best if you get in a habit of a daily workout session in the morning. Try to include Yoga and Pranayam as well.

You should also watch your water intake during the day and keep yourself well hydrated, especially during summers.

Another equally important part of keeping yourself fit is having proper and sound sleep. Sometimes, students tend to cut down their sleep quota to compensate for their study hours. This can hamper your focus and concentration.

Lastly, the food. During this time, people are seen making and sharing mouth-watering dishes on social media platforms. However, if you don’t want your study session to be sleepy and lethargic, try avoiding those oily and heavy dishes.   

I hope these tips help you continue preparing for your exams during this period. Share some of your own tips and experiences of this lockdown period everyone here. Tell us how you keep your preparations going on in the comments below.




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