Last Month strategy to prepare for NEET 2020

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NEET 2020 is just around the corner. This is your chance to grab a seat in one of the prestigious medical colleges in India. This last month of preparation is your last run before you make your leap towards your goal. In these final days before the exam, mixed feelings of excitement, thrill, anxiety, and nervousness hit you every now and then. A lot of students start realizing that there are so many things to be done and they have very little time for them. However, these distractions can hamper your entire preparation at the last moment. So, it is very important that you stay calm and keep your vision very clear. 
Remember, clearing the NEET exam is all about the right speed coupled with accuracy. A focused preparation strategy, planning every minute of your available time wisely can help you complete everything just in time.

Concretize your learning
Most of you guys have completed your entire syllabus by now. If not, surely you have covered a greater portion of the NEET syllabus. So, the first tip is that this remaining time is for Revision. It is not the time to start anything new but to concretize what you have already done. Focus yourself on revising what you have learned. Start by making a list of topics you have prepared for all your subjects. This technique helps clear your vision by bringing forward the topics you have completed. This unburdens you to a large extent. 

Prepare a 1 month Study routine
Setting your daily study hours:
Set around 14-15 hours of your day for your studies, for the next 1 month. This should comprise multiple revision sessions for different subjects along with regular 15-30 min intervals where you can lighten yourself up and relax. 

Dividing your study hours:
Once you have a list of topics to revise, it is time to divide your daily hours according to your list. You should divide your study hours between your revision and practicing NEET mock tests and previous years' papers. 
Dedicate this revision time according to your subject needs. But remember, Biology remains the most scoring subject with 90 questions in the exam. Chemistry and Physics have both 45-45 questions.  
Practicing with Mock Tests and Papers helps you find any areas that need conceptual clarity. It also helps you analyze your speed and accuracy for the final exam. If possible, sit in an isolated space and set a timer while you solve these papers. This will prepare you for the mindset of the real exam. It also gives you an idea of time management during the exam. 

Your Notes, your best friends:
Do not use bulky reference books for your revision during this last month. Your own notes should be your best friends now. Even if you make new ones, make sure they are short and precise. If you want to refer to books, go only for NCERT books for all of your subjects. Try to solve all the example problems given in NCERT books. Memorize all the named reactions from the Chemistry NCERT book.

Test Series to test your knowledge: 
There are some amazing test series available both online and offline which can help you prepare with exam-like papers. For instance, Ariser Talent has different sets of Test series available that let you practice thoroughly. Even if you get stuck with a problem, they even have a dedicated Doubt Solving section where you can get all your doubts and confusions cleared if need be. 

Using your break time wisely:
During your short intervals, listen to some good, soothing music or play some game of your choice. This can help you beat any negative thoughts and stay confident. Avoid going for social media platforms. It is recommended that you do some light exercises during these breaks. This not only helps relax your body but also calms your mind. 

Have a good sleep
Don’t cut your sleep quota down. A 6-8 hours sleep should definitely be there in your routine. See what your body demands and don’t force anything. It is your best buddy during your preparation. 

Exam time tips:
Do not make wild guesses during the exam. It is better to leave questions unanswered rather than giving the wrong ones. Each wrong answer can make you lose your marks and rank. 
If you are sure about a question, don’t rush; read all the options very carefully. Instead of marking straight into the answer sheet, mark on the questions paper first. Plan your time wisely and spare your last 25 minutes for filling the sheet.
Remember, having a strategic preparation routine is the key factor for the effective preparation of NEET-UG 2020 in this last month. I hope you find these tips useful for your preparations and help you achieve the success you desire. We would love to hear any of your last month's strategies. Share your tips with the other students coming here.



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