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After much waiting, the dates for this year’s JEE Exams are out. JEE Main exams are just a few days from now. As always, the competition is going to be stiff and to get through the exam, students have to put in a lot of effort and apply their best strategies to prepare themselves.
The game plan for these final days should be altogether different from your preparation days earlier. Now is the time when you should be focusing more and more on the strengthening of what you have already learned. Ideally, with each passing day, your confidence over your preparation should grow stronger. So everything we are going to discuss today will revolve around this central idea.

No more new topics:
It is a very natural phenomenon that anything unfinished resides in the back of our mind keeps coming back to us. During these last days of preparation, it is very tempting to go for your leftover topics. But it is highly advised not to do so. These days should only be spent with as much revision as you can. Starting a new topic during these days can consume a lot of your precious revision time. Plus it will add to your already long revision list.

Test yourself; over and over again
It is a proven fact that the more you test your skill, the better you get at it. The same rule applies to your exam preparation. Learning concepts is not sufficient in itself. To turn your learning into understanding, you need to go through several tests, over and over again. Make a habit of solving at least 2 Test papers daily; along with revision. Previous Years’ Papers are a must for every JEE aspirant. There are several great online sites that can help you with several Mock Test Papers, Previous Year’s Papers, and Sample Test Papers. One such amazing site is Ariser Talent where you can find a vast collection of Sample Test Papers, Previous Year’s Papers, and regular Test series at a very affordable price. Get yourself one such reliable collection and start your daily practice. After each test, analyze your performance.  Revise only the topics that you find difficult or a bit unclear, rather than going for theoretical revision. Practicing with these Tests regularly takes your confidence to a whole new level. 

Reference Material: 
By now, all of you must have gone through your theory part several times. If you still feel like going back to the theory of any topic, go for NCERT books, instead of looking up thick reference books. They are not of much help at this point of time. Go with your own notes. Even if you have to make new ones, just note short points instead of elaborated ones. Make sure you cover all the problems given in NCERT books. 
Study smart, not just hard: 
Now with few days left for the exam, it is time you shift to a smarter study plan. While studying the complete syllabus is important, it is also a wise strategy to give importance to those topics that carry weightage in JEE Main.
The more you take tests from Previous years’ papers, the more you’ll be aware of topics bringing you more scores than others. Soon you’ll have a list of such topics with you. Eg. in Physics, some of the scoring topics include Electrostatics, Oscillation & waves, Modern Physics, and Optics. 

Some more handy tips: 
-    Keep your study area, your room, or your table clean and less cluttered.  This helps you focus easily and keep your mind from distractions. Keep only those books or notes that you currently need to refer to. 
-    Except while you are taking practice tests, take some time off your studies to relax. Spending time in nature, listening to your favorite music, exercising, etc can be very helpful. 
-    Avoid indulging in long fruitless discussions like political debates, heated conversations in the family, or over Social Media platforms. This can easily kill several precious moments of your day and can distract your mind off.
-    For these few days, avoid negative minded people, whether they are in your family, your friend circle, or relatives. Keep yourself and your friends motivated and positive. This in turn keeps your mind focused and relaxed.

We hope these preparation tips will definitely help you in these final days. Do share your own experience of these last days before the exam. We would love to hear from you people.


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